Like I said yesterday, at this point we need a Daily Sexual Harassment/Abuse/Assault Roundup. Some of the offenders are very powerful men. Some of them are moderately powerful men. Others are relatively powerful. And even B/C list stars are predators. Not all men, sure. But, at the same time, SO MANY MEN. Men from all levels of influence. The latest – Ed Westwick, aka Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. According to actress Kristina Cohen, he allegedly raped her, at his home, three years ago.

So there’s Ed Westwick and then there’s the producer, who Kristina was dating at the time. Who, instead of going back in the house and beating the sh-t out of Ed calmly explaining to Ed that what he did was a crime and that he would believe and support Kristina and alert the authorities, told her it was her fault and that she should shut the f-ck up. One is an alleged rapist and the other is totally an enabling prick. 

At post time, Ed Westwick has yet to publicly respond to Kristina Cohen’s accusation. While many outlets have covered the story, including Vulture, The AV Club, HuffPo, Mashable, and W Magazine, both Buzzfeed and Indiewire have pulled down their posts about the situation and – as of 11:15am ET – it hasn’t even been mentioned at The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, or Deadline, despite the fact that both Ed Westwick and Chuck Bass are trending worldwide on Twitter. I wonder if that means Ed’s team is making calls, trying to see if he has somewhere sympathetic he can place his explanation. Will update when there are updates.