Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston were also at the Avengers event in London this weekend. They stood next to each other in the group photo and were photographed greeting each other enthusiastically. There was also a very warm hug:

Elizabeth and Tom never admitted that they dated. But we know. They did. And everything’s fine. She’s been dating musician Robbie Arnett for almost a year. And he hasn’t dated anyone – that we know of – since Taylor Swift. In fact, Tom’s been pretty quiet for the better part of a year. He wasn’t front and centre at all during Thor: Ragnarok promotion. And since then we’ve not seen much of him. 

You know what we missed? We missed celebrating the one year anniversary of his GQ cover feature, by the always outstanding Taffy Brodesser-Akner. Remember he made Bolognese for her? And then knocked on her door because he had more to say even though she’d already wrapped him? She.Wrapped.Him.

That GQ profile came right after his cringey acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. So maybe Tom realised it was too much. And that it was time to dial it back. And stay at home for a while and …like…write. He looks like he’s been at home for a while writing, doesn’t he? The longer hair, the beard, the glasses, slight air of resignation and fatigue in his eyes – it’s the look of performative introspection and seclusion. I can almost hear him voicing over his own introspection and seclusion montage.

Tom hasn’t worked in a while, taking a break perhaps after a few years of steady back-to-back projects which, in theory, means that after this Avengers push, it might be even longer before we see him again. 

PS. The green of Elizabeth’s leather dress – very similar if not the same as Amal Clooney’s leather jacket last week, right? I’m into it.