Florence Push covers the October issue of ELLE UK as the British Icon and she attended the ELLE Style Awards last night in London in a white lace Alexander McQueen gown that fits her beautifully but what really makes the look is her hair – short, spiky, badass. 


Florence has had it super short now for about six months after shaving it off when she was filming We Live in Time with Andrew Garfield. Remember at the Oscars when they were so cute onstage together we all started collectively shipping them? I guess that went nowhere. I guess their vibe was friends only. 

Back to Flo’s hair though – she seems to be having so much fun with it at this length, trying out different colours, different ways of styling it, and what I love most is that she doesn’t seem like she’s in any rush for it not to be short anymore. Not that I have any idea about her hair growth plans but there’s also no sense that she’s just trying to get through the grow-out phase; what we’re seeing, rather, is Flo fully leaning into all the style possibilities of this length. Which, by the way, is what makes a stylish person stylish. 


Flo is a serious actors, one of the big stars of her generation, but also? She’s a 27 year old young woman who loves clothes! And loves experimenting with her looks. As she told Jodie Turner-Smith during their ELLE interview: 

“My friends always laugh when I’m getting ready and I say, ‘I don’t know what to wear. I don’t have any clothes,’ because I have so many clothes. I think what I’m actually saying is, ‘Who do I want to be today?’ I have so many versions of myself that I want to show.”

We’ve seen Florence in tight, revealing dresses with her nipples out. But we also see Flo like this, in oversized suits and gender unspecific shirts and ties. 


My favourite is the black and white diagonal striped jacket she has on in this shot: 

Flo has time now to attend the fashion weeks coming up. If she goes we’ll see a lot more of her versions then.