Dear Gossips, 

Why did everything happen everywhere all at once this weekend? Some celebrities got married, others flaunted their relationships at the tennis, a couple posted apology videos that they looked annoyed about, a talk show host announced her controversial return, and there was a lot going on at the Toronto International Film Festival. So we’ll start there with Elliot Page who had two projects to promote – and not in violation of union rules. 


The first is Backspot, co-produced by Elliot’s Page Boy Productions, directed by DW Waterson in their feature debut, and starring another Canadian, Devery Jacobs. It’s about a cheerleader and her girlfriend in the world of professional cheerleading. Coming out of the screening, almost everyone I talked to said that Devery Jacobs is a revelation, delivering the performance of her career so far. 

Devery was serving looks all over the festival over the last few days. My favourite look is what she wore to the Trans Filmmakers Summit yesterday. 


This patterned set with the white shirt and the harness is SO good. 

Devery Jacobs attends Trans Filmmakers Summit x TIFF at TIFF Bell Lightbox on September 10, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario

But Elliot was also giving great style on his carpets. I was at the premiere of Close To You yesterday when Elliot showed up in Gucci. I told him he looked hot. I’ve been interviewing Elliot for 15 years now, and most recently this summer when his book, Pageboy, was released. Close To You, which he also co-produced, is his first film role in six years. Most of it is improv, including a 53-minute take, and it’s beautiful to see him back in film, doing what he does best, and living the life he was meant to live. We hugged after our interview and I don’t normally do this, but he was so happy and so proud, the emotion took over, the humanity takes over. Here is a fellow human being who, after almost a lifetime of being denied the ability to be their true self, is now reveling in it. 

Yours in gossip,