Dear Gossips,

Just an important distinction before we begin. As you know, Prince Andrew, who was friends with the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, stepped down from royal duties indefinitely back in November of 2019. And it’s not because the royal institution was appalled by his association with the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The reason he was exited had nothing to do with whatever it is that he actually knows about Epstein’s crimes and whether or not he participated. The reason is because he embarrassed the British royal family on national television. 

It was during his interview with Emily Maitlis on BBC Newsnight. It was an interview he insisted on doing. He and his people thought he could handle it. That it might be a good idea for him to sit across from a respected journalist and talk about his defective sweat glands and going for pizza in Woking. It was because, even after they wrapped, he still had no idea that he was a mess, inviting Emily Maitlis to stay for a screening, confidently thinking he’d nailed it. 

A few days ago, Emily Maitlis was named network presenter of the year at the Royal Television Society Awards:

“The broadcast also won interview and scoop of the year, while Newsnight won daily news programme of the year. 

The judges at Wednesday's awards ceremony in London described Maitlis's interview as historic.
"In a year of political chaos, her nose for nonsense led to bruising encounters with politicians and her interview with a member of the Royal family will live on in history," they said.

Speaking after her win, the presenter thanked the prince for allowing himself through the type of "scrutiny" that "many politicians haven't and wouldn't".

"It wasn't actually about the royal," she said.

"It was an interview for women watching around the world, who were waiting to see if we asked the right questions at the right moment to things that we needed answering."

Prince Andrew is sh-t at his job, but Emily Maitlis did her job, she showed the f-ck out of her work, she showed up for her profession and for, as she says, the women watching who wanted answers, who wanted their questions put forward – and now she’s been deservingly recognised for it…


I think we’ve learned over the last few weeks that in the UK, they’re rather particular about using the word “royal”. Even actual royals can’t use it these days. The ROYAL Television Society was “granted its royal title in 1966” and do you know who their patron is? 


Please tell me you appreciate the divine comedy in this. That the Royal Television Society, even though its patron is the future king of England, still awarded its top honours to the woman whose interview brought down his brother, OMG.

Emily Maitlis is my energy this week. Do you think Prince Andrew sent her a congratulations note? 

Yours in gossip,