We? OK maybe just me. 

But I was wishing it. I’ve been wishing it. The Gossip Genie has NOT delivered. There is no Emma Stone + Cary Fukunaga. But here are some shots of them together at the premiere of Maniac last night in London anyway, taunting us with what could have been. 

Justin Theroux was there too. And it was Justin who was rumoured to be dating Emma this summer after they hung out together in the south of France. That really never went anywhere, and I’m still not convinced it was anything but they’re still not posing right next to each other because the worry is that that would fuel the speculation even though what they really should do is to reverse psychology that sh-t. 

We know now that when celebrities are trying to avoid gossip, they’ll avoid each other at these kinds of events. And when we see them together, we assume there’s nothing they need to avoid. Emma and Cary are a good example. I now have no hope that this is happening because if it were happening they’d be so in her heads about it that they’d not pose together. Right? 

Maniac begins streaming on Netflix on September 21. How into it are you? I wasn’t all that into it until I watched the new teaser that dropped yesterday. There’s something about Emma’s voice, how gravelly it is in the voiceover, and all her costume changes – this is the draw for me. Emma Stone is always the draw for me. I’m not sure I can make through an entire series of Justin Theroux in that f-cking wig though.