As mentioned earlier, the Governors Awards happened on Saturday. These are not the Oscars but it’s an Academy event, and Oscar voters are present, so it’s a critical campaign stop. Almost everyone shows up. Almost. We’ll get to that later but first…

Oscar-winning friends, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence were there, and they gave photographers a moment on the red carpet: 


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You know how I’m choosing to interpret this? They’re shading Justin Timberlake at the Oscars last year. Remember? When he couldn’t f-cking let his wife have a moment, he had to pull out all his monkey sing and dance top hat moves to hog all the attention? 

But of course, for Emma and Jen, there was work to be done. Officially Jen was there to honour Donald Sutherland, with whom she worked on The Hunger Games. Unofficially she’s making a push for mother!. Darren Aronofsky attended the Governors Awards too, hoping that his hilariously pretentious movie might still be acknowledged by the Academy. 


As for Emma, she is the reigning Best Actress Oscar winner and she is currently repping Battle Of The Sexes. Two months ago she was looking good for a repeat nomination. But since then, Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan have come on strong with I, Tonya and Lady Bird respectively. If Emma wants to be part of the five, she has to start making some moves. The dress she’s wearing, by the way, is Louis Vuitton. She’s the brand’s newest ambassador. And this is a major enough event that she would have to show up in LV. Not the most exciting thing she’s ever worn, but it has enough personality, with the belt and the pockets and the clasps, to live up to Emma Stone Style. 

In other Emma news, Andrew Garfield was also there, as he too, like Emma, is angling for his second straight Best Actor nomination for his work in Breathe. Here they are catching up during the event: 

Before you go hoping for them to get back together though, she’s still dating Dave McCary and they were just seen together a few days ago. The Daily Mail has those photos here.