Emma Stone signed with Louis Vuitton last year which is why she had to wear LV on the red carpet at the Oscars. As Duana wrote, however, she was dressing to a “this is not about me” theme. 

Here she is at the LV presentation yesterday wearing a jacket that’s almost identical to the one she was in at the Oscars, only in black, belted over a printed dress, with a pair of high boots. The boots are the feature item here. Because look at that heel. 

It’s a wooden block heel that’s cut into the shape of a…. I don’t know so I’m calling it a clover, even though the “petals” are longer and pointier than a clover’s. However you want to describe it, it’s a gorgeous heel. And it’s a perfect boot – the perfect roundness in the toe, the perfect height, and a nice shade of black durable leather. Not that you would need it to be durable. These boots and the price tag mean you don’t wear it anywhere where durability is required.