Emma Thompson is in my top three. When people ask me about my favourite celebrities I’ve ever produced – a question I get often – Emma Thompson is always in my top three. She’s one of those legendary actors you describe as a “national treasure.” Which nation’s treasure is she? Canada loves her. She charmed the sh-t out of our live audience on The Social. She’s basically the beloved fairy godmother of Hollywood. But she belongs to Britain. They have the ultimate claim to her as their national treasure. Today, Kensington Palace tweeted that she’s officially received her Damehood. 

One of the main reasons Emma Thompson is in my top three is that she has no filter. I produce celebrity segments on a daytime talk show. When celebrities get to me, they are in press mode. They almost always have their filters on. Emma Thompson gives no f-cks about putting on a face for the world to see and a different one in private. At least, that was my takeaway. Her daughter was with her during her appearance and she was just as hilarious and candid backstage with her kid as she was on screen. Now, take that unfiltered attitude Emma is known for and put her with the royals, people whose ability to filter out their candor is essentially their brand. The PDA-loving Sussexes are slowly changing this brand but Meghan and Harry weren’t there to present Emma with her Damehood. It was Prince William. This is what Emma said about their encounter, according to the Daily Mail:

“I love Prince William, I’ve known him since he was little, and we just sniggered at each other.” 

I don’t really know what “sniggering” means but I can’t imagine William doing it. It sounds like you need a personality to “snigger” and when has Prince William shown us he has one of those? I said what I said. Even Prince Charles is proving to be less of a stiff than Will. Emma gave us even more proof of William’s stuffiness: 

“I said, ‘I can’t kiss you, can I?’ And he said, ‘No don’t’!”

Yeah, yeah, royal protocol, blah blah, whatever Will is BORING. Imagine the back-and-forth Harry and Emma would have had? Will also told Emma, "This day isn’t about me, it’s about you.” Who said it was about him? By saying this, isn’t he assuming that the day would have been about him but he’s throwing Emma a bone by making it about her? We know he gets jealous when others are in the spotlight. Is William the Justin Timberlake of the royal family? 

Another reason why Emma is one of my faves is that she’s a staunch advocate for feminism and human rights and we seem to have the same conflicted feelings about the monarchy. This is what she told Seth Meyers about becoming Dame Emma Thompson in September:

“You can choose to say: ‘Well, of course we don't have an empire anymore and thank God because it was [a] ghastly, colonial, racist, dreadful, undertaking on every level,’ and actually have some moral principle about it... or you can be like me and think, 'it's going to be a really nice badge.'”

She just called out the monarchy for its f-cked up history and basically said, “Yeah, I’m just in this for the cool medal.” I LOVE her. She also threw some final shots at the monarchy when she was asked about what it means to her that she was chosen for this honour: 

'I’m very outspoken, politically, I’m a card-carrying feminist, human rights advocate so good for them, because the establishment need more people who can speak up for those things.'

I REALLY want to be a fly on the wall at a dinner party with Emma and the Sussexes.