I posted about Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet exactly a week ago, after the Oscars, when they were seen leaving the Vanity Fair party together. And that was a couple of weeks after they were seen at a concert in LA together. Emma and Chord stepped out hand in hand with big smiles on Thursday, seeming to confirm speculation that they’re dating. 

These are exclusive photos distributed by one agency and they were first published in the Daily Mail on Friday and then made available to other outlets through the weekend. As you can see, they’re not low quality either. The photographer wasn’t 8 blocks away, zooming the sh-t out of his/her camera. It’s a nondescript neighbourhood and they’re going for a “walk”, when no one in LA walks anywhere. And Emma isn’t new to this game. In fact she’s known this game her entire adult life, a majority of her life. Emma has talked about how aware she is of being seen, of being made, of being located on social media, and we have over the years observed how she manages to stay pretty undercover when she wants to. Given her experience, is it fair to assume that she would have known that she was being photographed? Celebrities with her level of fame, they have a radar for this kind of thing. 

So ...if she did know that she was being photographed then does it mean that she’s cool with everyone knowing for sure, for sure that they’re together? I mean, it doesn’t look like they mind. Which may also mean that, if it’s gotten to this point, they’re really, really into it. This is my takeaway – these two are really, really into each other. I guess it’s not happening then with Robert Pattinson