Sunday nights right now are usually reserved for Euphoria but as I mentioned in today’s site open, last night was taken over by the season finale of Yellowjackets so I haven’t fully caught up with Rue and company yet as I only had time to watch half of the latest episode this morning. Still, they haven’t made it a secret what’s coming: at least two love triangles, one involving Maddy, Cassie, and Nate, and the other involving Rue, Jules, and newcomer Elliot which should be a shakeup for “Rules” shippers, and that includes both Zendaya and Hunter Schafer as they recently told Variety that they were resistant at first to the idea of someone coming between Rue and Jules but in the end appreciate how the Elliot character will affect these characters and the relationship. And besides, Dominic Fike who plays Elliot is irresistible, as we saw from his very first scene in the first episode of the season. 


On the show, it remains to be seen whether or not Elliot will permanently f-ck up “Rules”. In real life though, there’s no third party complication as it appears to be Hunter and Dominic who may be a thing. They were seen leaving The Nice Guy holding hands the other night. 

The Nice Guy is not an obscure restaurant, far from the paparazzi circuit. It’s popular among celebrities, a destination for the paps who are looking to score a few shots. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise for either of them (apparently they were hanging out with other cast members include Alexa Demie and Jacob Elordi inside) that there were photographers out there. And they’re also of the generation that understands how these moments are shared and interpreted online. So even if they aren’t truly a couple, they would know that their possible coupleness has become a topic of conversation. Especially among the Euphoria devoted – which is a strong online community. And I imagine, if Hunter and Dominic really are a thing, this might be a new power couple for their generation. If they went out with Zendaya and Tom Holland and there were pictures? It might melt down the whole grid.