In keeping with today’s Madonna theme, here is a first look at Evan Rachel Wood in character as Madonna in the Weird Al biopic starring Daniel Radcliffe. She looks GREAT. 


I wonder if Wood has also auditioned for Madonna? Or is she disqualified by virtue of playing an unauthorized version of Madonna? Of course, this is not a serious biographical take on Madonna, but the skewed comedy version that fits into Weird Al’s movie. Yankovic parodied “Like a Virgin” with “Like A Surgeon”, a parody Madonna herself was involved in. Yankovic doesn’t typically work with the source artists for his parodies, in fact, he discourages artists from offering him ideas, but he and Madonna had a mutual acquaintance in the Eighties who put them in touch and Madonna came up with the title of the song, and was at least somewhat involved in writing the song. It’s the only time Yankovic is known to have collaborated with a source artist for a parody, so this is a unique relationship to depict in the film, which I’m sure will be done in a completely serious manner and not at all hyperbolic or exaggerated for comedic effect. The question is, how will Madonna feel about this unauthorized Madonna? Will she still be in on the joke, or will this count as yet another instance of men getting her life wrong?