Back in September  at TIFF, I wrote about my new favourite bromance: Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell. Their film, Devotion, opens next week and the LA premiere was last night. 


But someone else showed up to support and this might be an even better bromance. Michael B Jordan was also on the red carpet for Jonathan and Devotion which, incidentally, occupies the original release date for Creed III. Creed III is MBJ’s directorial debut, he returns as Adonis Creed alongside Jonathan as his new adversary. The film was initially marked for November 23 but has since been pushed to March 3, 2023, opening up the spot for Jonathan and Glen’s Devotion. 

MBJ, of course, didn’t have to be there for Devotion but this is just good friendship and good business. In amplifying his friend’s other project, it also helps his own, because while Jonathan’s star is rapidly rising, he’s not quite at MBJ’s level, at least not yet. But the bigger Jonathan gets, the more hype for Creed III. Everybody wins…


Which is what I noted last March when MBJ and Jonathan were in production together for the film. There can be ego involved in these kinds of projects. Jonathan, as established, is one of the most exciting and buzzed-about actors in Hollywood. MBJ’s Adonis is the main character of the Creed franchise. Sometimes in these situations, an actor can feel threatened and competitive about another hype talent coming on board. See Vin Diesel and The Rock. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere. 

The bigger picture for MBJ though was… well… the picture. And he doesn’t seem to be approaching it as a vanity project for himself – rather, if the story is going to work, Adonis needs a formidable opponent who is just as layered and complicated and complete as his own character. Casting someone of Jonathan’s calibre serves the story, and the movie, and also, in the long run, MBJ’s directorial debut. And it’s a good foundation upon which to build a healthy relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Needless say, the two have developed a solid relationship. 


Two knockouts at the #DevotionMovie Premiere. 🥊 #jonathanmajors #michaelbjordan

♬ Devotion is Exclusively in Theaters November 23 - Sony Pictures


We’ll see a lot more of MBJ and Jonathan in the new year when they start promoting Creed III. Like I said, everybody wins.