It’s a day for final trailers. Star Wars: The Last Jedi also released their final trailer, and it’s very red. Red, and all about Kylo Ren being the biggest bag of dicks in this or any other galaxy. My interest in The Last Jedi has waned with previous footage, but this trailer kind of maybe gets me back on board. I like the commitment to a signature color, I like the creature design, particularly the Porgs and those arctic cat things with big ears. I like Poe Dameron giving motivational speeches with his fabulous f*ckin’ hair, I like Captain Phasma maybe having more to do. I like Luke Skywalker recoiling from the potential in Rey. I like his doubt and her need and the conflict that can breed.


Other things I don’t like: General Snoke. I don’t give a sh*t who he is, or was. The Emperor was never an interesting villain, and I hope New New Star Wars doesn’t make the mistake the prequels made, of assuming the villain’s boss is somehow more interesting just by virtue of being the villain’s boss. And I still don’t like that no part of this movie looks like Rey, Finn, and Poe having an adventure in space together. I guess that’s just not happening.

Because what does appear to be happening is that Kylo Ren’s self-doubt and Rey’s desperate need for a mentor will bring them together. Can Ren be redeemed? I don’t know, he killed Han Solo, so he can f*ck right off into a volcano. But there is a Chosen One, destined to bring balance to the Force. Two generations of Skywalkers couldn’t get it done. What if Rey and Ren do? This trailer sets them up as opposite sides of the same coin, both incredibly powerful and full of potential. Luke already failed with Ren and he’s afraid to fail again with Rey. The trailer makes it look like she turns to Ren for guidance, since Luke, apparently, taps out. Ren offered to teach her in The Force Awakens and she laser-sworded his face in response. But now? With nowhere else to turn?

I can get into this. I can get into Rey moving past the Light/Dark binary of the Jedi and the Sith, and I can maybe support Ren’s rehabilitation if he does something awfully f*cking cool to make up for killing Han Solo. I can definitely get into the Porgs and the creature design. I kind of don’t care about anything to do with the First Order and the Rebellion—except for Domhnall Gleeson, on principle—and I definitely don’t care about Snoke’s real identity. But a story that takes us beyond the Jedi and the Force as we’ve known them for forty years is supportable. I wish I was more excited for The Last Jedi—I think I’m getting old—but I’ll settle for “willing to see where it goes”.

Attached - John Boyega at New York Comic-Con on Friday.