Last month we learned that Henry Cavill will star in a Netflix series based on The Witcher, a fantasy book series and even more popular fantasy video game series. Thanks to the games, we have a visualization of the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, as a grizzled, scarred man. But now, Netflix is giving us our first look at Henry Cavill done up as Geralt and the result is, well, see for yourself.

Of all the ways a live-action Geralt could look, Legolas’s half-brother is not the way I pictured it, but it is nice to know that Christopher Lambert’s Mortal Kombat wig is still getting work. I will say this, last month I wasn’t sure I would watch eight hours of Henry Cavill but now that I’ve seen his wig I am in for all eight hours. At best, this turns out to be a good show, but at worst it’s eight hours of Henry Cavill running around in THAT WIG. It’s going to be funny, at least. 

We’re also in something of a fantasy arms race in television. HBO is hoping to extend the shelf life of Game of Thrones with a prequel series starring Naomi Watts. Amazon is doing some kind of spin-off of Lord of the Rings, and Netflix is launching The Witcher, hoping for their own piece of the fantasy pie. The question is, how much fantasy do people really want? Game of Thrones has everyone convinced fantasy is big business, but I’m not sure that’s true so much as “tits and dragons” is a winning formula. If it’s fantasy without tits and dragons, will people tune in? The Witcher has a head start on catching up to Thrones because it has tits and dragons, too, but poor Amazon with their big-budget LOTR spin-off. There could be dragons, but famously no tits in that series. So we’ll see how this all works out. But one thing is for sure—Henry Cavill’s wig is my new favorite fantasy creature.