Among the never-ending Marvel news from yesterday is a teaser for Ms. Marvel, the Disney+ series featuring Kamala Khan. We learned a couple months ago that newcomer Iman Vellani will play Kamala, and now we can see snippets of her in action. It isn’t enough to judge the whole series by—this is not a proper trailer—but Vellani looks sunny and cute and high-spirited as Kamala, so we seem to be off to a good start. Marvel dropped a sizzle reel for Ms. Marvel, introducing Vellani and the creative team behind the show. Everyone is promising a different kind of hero, which she will be just by virtue of actually being a different type of person. Kamala will be Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, after all.


We also learned that Vellani will appear in Captain Marvel 2 alongside Brie Larson, as well as Teyonah Parris as the now-grown Monica Rambeau (Parris is making her debut in WandaVision next month). One thing I have noticed about this new generation of Avengers is how FAST we’re getting to them. In the case of characters like Kamala it’s overdue—Marvel way over-invested in white guys named Chris right out of the gate—but with all the new shows coming in the next few years, and every show introducing like three new characters, it feels like we’re barreling toward a very near future where every single actor is a Marvel character, and while that is a slight exaggeration, we ARE headed to a reality where there are, maybe, too many Marvel projects out in one year. 


Assuming everything stays on track for 2021—which is still an assumption, they are keeping Black Widow, Shang-Chi, The Eternals, and Spider-Man 3 (version 2) as theatrically exclusive films, so until everyone is vaccinated everywhere, all dates are subject to change—there will be four Marvel movies next year. On top of that, there will be SIX Marvel shows on Disney+, including Ms. Marvel, which is due in “late 2021”. That’s TEN Marvel things in 2021. That’s…a lot. Maybe I’m just getting old, but that sounds exhausting, frankly. Ms. Marvel definitely looks like one of the brighter spots on the calendar, but I simply cannot care about each and every one of these new people. We couldn’t even do it when there were only six Avengers—no one cared about Hawkeye. But now there are like, 16 Avengers. It’s SO many Avengers. Is it too many? The novelty of a Pakistani-American teenage superheroine should hopefully help Ms. Marvel float above the fray, but you have to ask if her spotlight will be split when it simply becomes too much and people simply start tuning out new Marvel stuff from being overwhelmed.