Florence Pugh is in New York to promote A Good Person, in which she stars and produces, directed by Zach Braff who also wrote the script for her. This of course is when they were in a relationship; they are now no longer in a relationship but still, seemingly, as close as ever, considering they’re supporting their film together on the press circuit and Flo’s family has travelled with her to the US, and Zach’s has been spending time with them too. This is next level conscious uncoupling… although my mind goes to her fans, who were vocally opposed to this couple when they were dating. And she said as much last year when she confirmed their split during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. If you’re that kind of fan, then, do you actively root for the film to fail, the way Harry Styles’s fans did with Don’t Worry Darling? Or is it the opposite where you support it even more because Flo and Zach broke up? But then do you stress that they might get back together because of it? What is the psychology of the invested stan in this case? 


The movie that Florence is doing that is much less polarising is her upcoming film with Andrew Garfield. To recap, immediately after Flo and Andrew presented together at the Oscars, the internet started shipping them. Me too. That became what I call FloField. And then, just a few days later, it was announced that they would indeed be working together. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, Flo was asked about FloField and she said that the Oscar producers didn’t actually know ahead of time that she and Andrew were committed to a project together, they just thought they’d be a good presenter pairing. Saturday, the day before the Oscars, is the first time they’ve ever met… and the chemistry was instantly there. Clearly it was obvious to everyone. 


Flo was seen in three different outfits yesterday. First a short black dress with tall boots and a long coat:

Florence Pugh is seen in Midtown on March 20, 2023 in New York City

Then a gorgeous embellished black jumpsuit that looks like velvet at The Tonight Show.

And for the premiere it was a fitted half-top, with a collar and a tie, open at the back but for spaghetti straps leading into a fitted skirt, and a lot of side action. One of her best looks ever.