A couple of Ben Affleck stories today but first, here are some new shots of Ben and Ana de Armas walking their dogs yesterday. Does she look tall to you in these shots? I say tall because Ben is so tall and while she’s obviously shorter than he is, she doesn’t look like an ant, which is what I would look like next to him. 


This is the question that comes up often when people talk about celebrities: Is this person tall? Is that person short? 

Most of them are smaller than you might think. Because maybe you’ve been seeing them on a big screen, and they’re stars, after all, so you attach physical size to their fame. And then you encounter them out in the wild and they’re not all that imposing. 

Ben Affleck is as tall in the wild as he is in the frame. I’ve spoken to him, I think, twice on red carpets and both times, I was in heels because our producers knew how tall he is and didn’t want to bring an apple box for me to stand on to get my mic up to his level (I am only 5 ft 3). Still, even in shoes, I probably came up to his armpit. Most people’s heights are over-reported. Like if they’re listed at 6 ft, they’re probably closer to 5 ft 11. I’m convinced Ben’s height is under-reported. He’s listed at 6 ft 3 and I’d say he’s closer to 6 ft 4. Even Henry Cavill, who’s not exactly tiny, thinks he’s big. In a new interview with Healthy For Men recently, Henry talked about feeling intimidated by Ben’s overall size – via ComicBookMovie.com:


“Like most things in life, you put yourself at a certain level, and I thought I was in good shape going into that film. Then I met Ben Affleck. What struck me first was how funny he was, but man was he ripped as well. I've never been the type of guy to get involved in any sort of macho one-upmanship, but I admit I was more than a bit intimidated, and it gave me the desire to push it a bit more, because Ben is really built. The guy is huge. I'm puny by comparison. He is much bigger than I expected, this huge presence and vast physicality. I had to step it up. When you see this mountain of a man walking around set, you think, 'I've got to get to the gym... yesterday.”

In other Ben news, earlier this month I posted about a new book coming out former card shark Houston Curtis telling the real story of the Hollywood Poker Game. You know the one. Houston was there. He played against all those actors. He’s seen firsthand what a prick Tobey Maguire was. And how cheap Leonardo DiCaprio is. And also, evidently, how nice Ben Affleck is. 

He’s written a new column about his experience and says that Ben is one of the “kindest, most generous down-to-earth A-Listers” he’s ever met. But he also tells about the time Ben got “busted” by a major hustler. It’s a good story, especially if you’re into poker. Poker is a total dick swing. And Ben basically puts his dick on the table, and then gets owned.