To mark ten days until Avengers: Endgame—now nine—Marvel released another trailer, this one including clips from every movie leading up to Endgame. Yes, even Incredible Hulk, the Marvel movie everyone forgets about! Endgame doesn’t need its wheels greased any more than they already are, but man, this trailer WORKS. I got a little emotional watching it. I saw Iron Man in theaters eleven years ago, and this trailer is all about paying off the decade of investment in these characters and their stories. Honestly, that is the thing I am most looking forward to in Endgame: just closing out these stories. Sure, the MCU will continue, but I do think Endgame will close out the stories of the original six Avengers. Although Thor is welcome to stick around for a cross-over with Captain Marvel. Don’t act like you wouldn’t be into it. We’ve all seen their sex eyes. We’d all be SUPER into it.

With a week to go, what are you most looking forward to in Endgame? Like what is it going to take for this movie to make you happy? I’ll be happy if it’s coherent. I’ve pretty well given up on the team-up movies being, you know, actual movies with character development and story beyond plot—story and plot are two different things, stuff happening is plot, stuff meaning something is story—so my bar is very low. If Endgame makes sense, I’ll call it a win, with bonus points awarded for each OG Avenger who gets a satisfying send-off. For Lainey, I assume, Tony and Pepper will have to ride off into the sunset. What will it be for you? Cap and Bucky hugging it out? Black Panther taking over the team? Awesome facial hair bros? Let us know what has you most hyped for Endgame. It’ll help kill time before we see the movie next week and close out a decade of pop culture obsession. And do you think the next-gen Avengers can carry this momentum? Or has this truly been a once-in-a-lifetime experience?