It’s been a few weeks since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have given us some weekend content – but this weekend, as if sensing that the gossip landscape seemed a little dull without new photos of them to enjoy, they came back with the good sh-t, so that we don’t have to talk about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson anymore, lol. Bennifer is always the better, if not the best, celebrity romance option. 


When we last checked in with Bennifer, or rather when they last allowed us to check in with them, it was Halloween weekend. They went trick-or-treating together in Malibu and were then seen boarding a private jet, no information on where they were headed. Here they are this weekend, leaving Ben’s place for another flight as Ben appeared to be dropping JLo off. She's likely headed back to Vancouver to continue working on The Mother.  As you can see, they were all over each other, never mind the airport attendants walking around trying to get their work done while two of the most famous people in the world could not stop making out. Like they’re in their own love bubble and never want to come out. Let them be in their love bubble! Let us study the love bubble!

My love bubble Photo Assumption (our favourite game of baseless conclusions) is that, well, they are deliriously happy. Look at JLo. Whatever he’s doing or saying, she is delighted. And, again, as I’ve been saying all year since these two got back together, there was never this level of delight with her, all over her face, when she was with the previous guy. She is barefaced, no makeup, in comfortable clothes, almost as if they just rolled out of bed before heading to the airport (another Photo Assumption) like a couple of teenagers. She looks like she adores him. But she also looks like she is adored. This is corny, and I’m sorry if you just gagged – but I’m writing to their energy. The only appropriate energy here is to be as giddy as they are. 


So… um… is there something extra to be giddy about? There’s nothing on her left hand, if that’s where your mind went, and mine definitely did. But their longing for each other, the way they’re stretching out this goodbye and lingering and coming back repeatedly for more kisses before they part, seems extra-juiced, like there’s some new euphoria that’s impossible to contain. Or, you know, it could just be their default. It could just be that after eight months of re-Bennifer, their love glow is just as intense as it ever. And if that’s the case – good. As we wind down the year and start looking back, New Bennifer has been the best gossip of 2021.