Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s daughter was born in September on Gigi’s family farm in Pennsylvania. I actually can’t remember Gigi being in New York City, where she has an apartment, since the pandemic started in North America. In November she was photographed shopping with her mother, Yolanda, in public for the first time in Pennsylvania and yesterday she was seen back in New York – as was Zayn, who now has blonde hair.


Gigi was out for a walk, at one point alone and then with Bella. If you thought maybe this was a photoshoot…same. Her hair is long and thick and silky. Her outfit is SO cute – looks like a denim jacket under an oversized coat and great boots, a fashionable cap, and a baby bag cross-body…and now I’m a little bit afraid of even remarking on that because of course, not all new mothers can stroll around New York seemingly so put together, I get that, and when Vogue calls it the “cool mom and aunt look” it might make others who aren’t supermodels feel, well, not cool. This, to be clear, is not relatable to 99.9% of parents. 

As for Gigi and the baby, Taylor Swift fans followed the wrong easter egg when they thought that her new song, “dorothea”, from the new album evermore was a reveal for the baby’s name. The baby’s name is not Dorothea. We may never know the name. Some celebrities choose to keep the name private for a long, long time and while Gigi and Zayn are both very, very famous on their own, they’ve really avoided putting their relationship on blast, so they may be choosing to take the same approach with their child. My guess for a name though, if we’re doing that, is that it’s a four-letter name, like her parents. Like…Lola. Which is obvious and probably overused but if she’s paying tribute to both her mother and her sister, Lola’s kind of a perfect hybrid of Yolanda and Bella