Here’s where I’m a f-cking hypocrite so please yell at me as loud as you can.

Last night was the season finale of The Voice. I guess Blake Shelton’s artist did not win? Whatever. Doesn’t matter who won or who didn’t win. All that matters is that Blake felt like he was a loser. And then Gwen Stefani Instagrammed this:


@blakeshelton #winnerofcute gx

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So in the last post I wrote about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s love display at Cannes. Is this any different? It is for me…because… I actually think this is kinda cute? And that makes me a hypocrite, right? But is there an argument to be made? That there is a difference?

What’s the difference? Red carpet vs backstage? Yeah but I feel like it’s still a huge audience. It’s just that one’s live and the other is online. Maybe it’s the combination of the audience and the tone. Gwen and Blake are corny too but they’re in on it. With Nicole and Keith, it’s the earnestness. There. That’s the answer. It’s how earnest Nicole and Keith were about their moment. The earnestness juxtaposed with the publicness of the situation, right? No? I’m a hypocrite? Fine.

Last question: when Gwen and Blake started, there was a lot of doubt about whether or not they were legit. It’s been almost two years. Still doubts? Or all good? 

Here are Gwen and Blake at the Billboard Music Awards the other night.