Such a good outfit. And I don’t really like sheerness. But the sheer in these pants doesn’t really read true sheer and like OMG IT’S SEE-THROUGH because of how heavy and thick the material is up top. So let’s go there. 

This sweater, really, is the centerpiece of the outfit. It’s a gorgeous sweater. I love the print. I love how warm the taupe reads. I love that you can tell it’s not itchy. And the length of it, how it’s baggy but not bulky. But would it be as special over a pair of jeans? I mean, yes, for me, but definitely not the fashion moment we’re seeing here. So the styling is key here and the designer to layer the sweater over a gauzy long white shirt and those sheer pants. Another example that styling isn’t just about pulling clothes. Stylists design outfits. And this outfit is imaginative and fresh and it plays with textures and lengths but it doesn’t feel fussy or tried. The more I look at it, the more I enjoy it. Totally going to recreate it if I can. 

While we’re here though, here’s another Hailee outfit from yesterday that might be a lot more polarising:


Do you hate it? This is a LOT of python which is why it’s smart that it’s been broken up with the crop top which is cute but I think what’s bothering me is the pants. There’s too much material to tuck, is that it? Like it’s not the right cut of pant to tuck into a boot like this? It happened this way because they wanted to get all that python on top of each of the three elements but I feel like they were forcing in the boots. Which is why the look is slightly off.