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The model formerly known as Hailey Baldwin has officially changed her Instagram handle to @haileybieber. Her full IG name is now “Hailey Rhode Bieber". The name change came after the other Bieber, Justin, called Hailey his “wife” in a caption on his account. So, they’re Instagram Official as a married couple. We’ve known they got married for a while now. They made it legal in September at a courthouse in New York but it wasn’t until last month that TMZ confirmed Justin and Hailey are married with no pre-nup. Meet the Biebers: young, dumb, and not at all broke. 

So, why now for Hailey’s brand update? It could be due to the maybe baby Bieber on the way or it’s just another example of Justin’s impatience and impulsive love outbursts. TMZ is once again the source with the inside Bieber info. 

Our IG sources tell us Justin's team reached out to the platform Friday to ask about updating her account.

It doesn’t surprise me that it was Justin’s team behind Hailey’s handle change. I’ve referred to him as a bridezilla before. My read of their relationship is this: Justin is the one who couldn’t wait to get married. He’s the one who writes paragraphs declaring his love while Hailey opts for a sentence or two. Her Instagram isn’t nearly as full of PDA pics as his is. That’s not to say that Hailey didn’t want to get married young. She said it herself that she did. But she’s also talked about having a proper traditional wedding with bridesmaids and twinkly lights in 2019. Wouldn’t it make sense to wait for the name change until after the “religious ceremony and celebration”? If her husband is declaring her as “my wife” on IG already, maybe she felt like didn’t have the choice to wait. 

The timing feels a bit random but Hailey’s Bieber rebranding has been in the works. She registered to trademark the name “Hailey Bieber” in mid-October probably for the inevitable line of “Bieber” embossed jackets coming. Hailey has already been sporting one that I shockingly don’t hate. 

Baldwin and Bieber are conveniently similar last names so it’s not a massive change that feels like it’s going to take time to adjust, like how Duana still calls Giuliana Rancic by her maiden name (DePandi). Hailey Rhode Bieber rolls off the tongue. I generally think the whole ‘women have to give up our last names’ thing is weird but if you’re someone who chooses to do it, going from Hailey Baldwin to Hailey Bieber is really the best-case scenario, isn’t it? Same first letter. Same number of syllables. It works. What happens if, God forbid, Hailey Bieber ever has to go back to Hailey Baldwin? Who owns the trademarked name? Just one of many things that should have gone in the pre-nup.

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