It’s been three months since we last talked about Harry Styles’s love life. That was when he and Emily Ratajkowski were seen making out in Japan before he took a break from his tour. It was also the first and last time Harry and EmRata were linked – since then there’s been nothing to suggest that what they had was more than just a temporary good time. 


Harry is back on tour, and as TMZ reports, Taylor Russell was seen in an exclusive access section of the arena, hanging out with members of Harry’s crew. 



The dating rumours that TMZ is referring to have been going for about three weeks now after a couple of sightings of Harry and Taylor together popped up online a few times. 

Taylor, as we know, was one of the breakout stars of 2022 after her performance in Bones and All, emerging from that promotional period as new fashion darling and Loewe ambassador – a major flex to be associated with one of the coolest brand of the moment. You know those illusion dresses that everyone was talking about a few weeks ago on Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson


She was one of the first to model:

But you’ll note, that was a post from March and she hasn’t posted since then to her grid. At 28 years old, certainly of the generation that spends a lot of time online, a generation with such a strong attachment to social media, Taylor Russell has maintained a certain detachment, protecting the distance between the external performance of her celebrity and her private identity. It will work well for her as an actor but in this case it will also work well for her as she navigates this whole new level of exposure now that she’s linked to one of the most famous men in the world.