Taylor Russell at the AFI premiere of Bones and All earlier this week – it was five days ago but there is no other outfit that, to me, hit the day hers did. This is already a special dress on its own. On her it’s a revelation. Which is why she has emerged as the new fashion star of the moment…even though she’s not yet a household name. 


The Taylor Russell style movement started at the world premiere in Venice. She wore green, Balenciaga, remember? It was showstopping, to the point where she matched Timothée Chalamet’s red carpet energy – which is not easy. By now we all know what Timmy serves on a red carpet, the effect he has on the culture every time he shows up in whatever it is that he’s wearing. Taylor, however, was not overshadowed. Taylor held her own, and throughout the festival, it was look after look after look, establishing herself as a new fashion superstar just as she was making her mark with the most high profile performance of her career to date. 

This is not by accident. We saw it with Zendaya, how she and Law Roach built her rise with her wardrobe. Law calls himself an “image architect”, because there is strategy here, it is work, clothes are a tool, and when used effectively in Hollywood, they can amplify a profile, generate momentum, and then opportunity. 


Law did the same thing with Anya Taylor-Joy. When she was on the ascent with Emma. and The Queen’s Gambit, her red carpet appearances fueled her hype. She rode that wave into award season and, styled by Law, she delivered some of the most memorable looks during that awards cycle, reaching the high point with that unbelievable custom green Dior:

Anya is now a Dior ambassador. And Taylor Russell is Loewe’s newest ambassador. This beautifully constructed, fashion-forward dress at AFI Fest is Loewe. Like I said earlier, she is not a household name. But already she has a partnership with a fashion house – and Loewe is so smart to bonafide her now, on the upswing because Taylor is about to blow up. 


Interestingly, her stylist is Ryan Hastings, who is now also working with Anya. It’s not known why Anya and Law are no longer working together but her looks post-Law were nowhere near the excitement level of when they were collaborating. She just stepped out this week though in a blue leather strapless dress with matching gloves, styled by Ryan, that definitely brought back some of her former buzz. Looks like she and Ryan are connecting quite successfully. 

Anya Taylor-Joy attends the UK Premiere of Searchlight's "The Menu"
Anya Taylor-Joy attends the UK Premiere of Searchlight's "The Menu" at BFI Southbank on November 09, 2022 in London, England