Here’s Helena Bonham Carter arriving in New York today. Because tonight is the world premiere of Ocean’s 8, the movie I will be seeing this weekend. In fact, I just bought my tickets. In a theatre with full reclining seats! And in-seat service! And you? It’s a heist movie, with all women. And among those eight women, one of them has to be your fave. One of them is already all of our fave: Rihanna. 

Rihanna has been missing from this press tour so far. Some of you have emailed and/or tweeted wondering why. It’s not like she hasn’t been pushing it though on her social channels. Her last Instagram post was about the movie:


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The thing with Rihanna is… 


You don’t want to overuse the Rihanna. Rihanna would never allow you to overuse the Rihanna. You bring Rihanna in as the closer. If she shows up tonight – and if she doesn’t show up we’ll have a conversation about it tomorrow – she’ll be the headline, whatever she wears, however she poses and she’ll take you down the final stretch until opening night. And on top of that the attraction will be the full team assembled, on the carpet, fashion porn dialed up to maximum. 

As for HBC, she hasn’t been much involved in the promotion either and her attendance at the premiere will be one of the few – if any – promotional appearances she’s made for the movie. There’s been talk recently that HBC has been cast to play the villain in Bond 25, which is now, finally, in production. No confirmation yet that this is happening. But the way the Bond franchise typically works, after they get all their sh-t sorted on production, they set a photo call with the cast, including whoever the new Bond Girls are, and we’ll find out who’s confirmed. This, for example, is what they did for Spectre in December 2014: 


So at some point, if they’re following the same tradition, and Bond is a tradition, that’ll happen soon enough. HBC as the new Bond Big Bad? You in?