Is there one? Probably not. Probably I’m suggesting the existence of something that doesn’t exist. My point is Henry Cavill’s hair has been known to come up on this blog more than I think I ever expected it to - the hair on his face, the pretend hair on his face, and the hair on his head. 

Henry, you’ll recall, grew a moustache for Mission: Impossible - The One That Came Out This Past Summer. I can’t remember the name and I don’t want to use any more data on my phone to look it up because I know you know what I’m talking about and just because I can’t remember the name doesn’t mean it wasn’t good because it was, it was good and fun, it just didn’t have a memorable name. Anyway, Henry Cavill had a moustache in that movie and Sarah’s theory is that it was to hide his attractiveness because of Tom Cruise’s ego. Anyway, that moustache apparently caused a fight between studios as Henry wasn’t allowed to shave it for Justice League which is why Superman’s face looked so f-ckin’ weird in the movie. 

Just last month, Sarah again wrote about Henry’s hair when he showed us a preview of his character in the upcoming Witcher series. And now I’m writing about Henry’s hair because he was at the GQ Men of the Year Awards the other day with his hair a little longer than we’ve seen in a while, all parted to the side with his little boy curls styled with gel, like he’s growing it out like Madonna’s hair in "Express Yourself". 


You into it?

I’m not into it. And I’ve been into Henry’s hair before when he wore it longer. There were a few seasons of The Tudors, I think, when he wore it longer. He’s done some photo shoots with what I call “Bradley Cooper’s The Hangover” hair before. I mean, no, Bradley didn’t invent the style, but for some reason I associate it with him the most. When I say “Bradley Cooper’s hair in The Hangover” you know exactly what I mean, right? 

Henry had hair like that for a minute a few years ago. It worked on him. This...situation…whatever it is, is NOT working on him.