Her Majesty the Queen has a new ride – like a super duper golf cart that people are now calling the Queenmobile. I wonder how many hours of discussion had to happen before everyone signed off on this as her new form of transportation. They take so long to make decisions over there, she could have been booting around in this a lot sooner. But I’m surprised they haven’t slapped a royal logo on it yet… or would they consider that tacky? How could it be tacky when they sell plates with her face on them?  (Dlisted) 


Danai Gurira in this AMAZING green suit. And it’s on theme – per the photo wall behind her. Also don’t sleep on the accessories here, from the necklace to the earrings to the rings. I agree with the Fug Girls: the green suit should totally challenge the pink suit. (Go Fug Yourself)

Bella Hadid in Cannes wearing vintage Versace and I appreciate the whole throwback vibe she’s going for her. Something I’ve noticed too about Bella is that she’s been sticking to black for big occasions (like the Met Gala), that’s the mood she’s in right now, and I wonder how long that mood will last. The whole year? Or is this a longer phase? (Cele|bitchy) 

Rick Owens’s home looks exactly like how I would have imagined. This is not a home I would be comfortable in. But you know who I think would be down to move in? Brad Pitt. Remember what Jennifer Aniston said about comfortable couches? Not in a Brad Pitt house.  (OMG Blog) 

The Emmys schedule and the impact is has on the television release schedule – one of the reasons there’s so much to watch, so much to catch up on. (The Ringer)