Duana wrote the Sarah Jessica Parker/Hugh Grant Golden Globes post yesterday. But, as you may have read, it turned into a Hugh Grant-only post, not because she isn’t into SJP (she is) but because, well, it could really only have been about Hugh Grant. Hugh was introduced as the “star of Paddington Bear 2” (not the actual title of the movie which is Paddington 2). Which became Duana’s favourite thing about the Globes. And the delight has carried over to today because the BAFTA nominations have just been announced. Check it out, in the Best Supporting Actor category: 

Hugh Paddington Nomination

I just texted that screencap to Duana. Her response:

“HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA crying forever and ever”

I suspect she is still looking down at her phone periodically and killing herself.

Hugh Grant. Nominated. For Paddington 2. 

Alongside all those other actors in all those very serious projects. And he has to show up in a tuxedo that night and walk the carpet repping Paddington 2. Not that there’s anything wrong with Paddington or Paddington 2. I loved Paddington. Thought it was a really fun movie. But there is no one who hates himself more than Hugh Grant. Hugh Grant is chronically misanthropic (is that redundant?) and generally impatient and crusty with life and all its attendant pleasures. He couldn’t even present at the Globes that night without sighing in between each and every sentence. 

And this morning, he’s sighing again. Because he’s just been told that the British Academy of Film and Television is honouring his work… in Paddington 2. Over Michael Stuhlbarg and Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name and Mark Rylance, OSCAR WINNER, in Dunkirk, both Best Film BAFTA contenders and probably Oscar contenders!

Paddington 2!

OK. To be fair to Hugh, by all accounts, he “steals the show” in Paddington 2 as the new villain – and I believe it. I believe that he’s excellent playing a poncy, narcissistic asshole who steals things from children and stuffed animals. He should be proud of his work. But will he? Will he hold his head up high on BAFTA night when he hears his name being called out among the actors in Three Billboards, The Florida Project, and All The Money In The World

I mean, Hugh Grant could take this moment and advocate for the valuing of movies like Paddington in the awards process, the way many believe that superhero movies should also be considered in award season. It just depends on whether or not he’s that guy. Look at his face. Is he that guy?