Jessie J and Nicki Minaj remember the song “Bang Bang” differently and Nicki is making it clear that she clearly doesn’t hold the song as fondly in her memories. You know what I learned from this story though? That “Bang Bang” was a big song, because when I look back on that year, I wouldn’t say it makes my list. So I guess I was OLD in 2015. (Dlisted) 


Taylor Swift is posting puzzles again for her fans to figure out her upcoming album, and her fans no doubt love it but these riddles of hers used to be a lot more headline grabby and now the rest of us are like, Jesus, I can’t handle a mindf-ck anymore, just tell me when the album is coming and I’ll listen. (PopSugar) 

The Lady Gaga daily fashion show continues and I am OBSESSED with this latest look. Love the shape of this dress. Love the material, the pattern, love the way she’s styled it, with the hair pretty traditional and the dress super modern. Also…it’s a comforter too. Like being wrapped in a quilt. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Is this a trend? Celebrities talking about bathing, kids and adults both, or rather not bathing. Now it’s Jake Gyllenhaal talking about how frequently or infrequently he bathes. So are we talking about this? If so, I shower three times a day, minimum, if I leave my house. If I don’t leave my house, sometimes I can drop it to twice a day. If I work out though, and my gym is my living room now, for sure it’s three. Not long, they’re quick, but I’m the opposite of Jake. (Cele|bitchy) 

According to my sweet, savoury, and spicy food options, I can’t live without television. Correct. (Buzzfeed)