Wait… what? Oreo straws? Why don’t I remember this? I consider myself an Oreo PhD and I have no recollection of the straws. Did they not come to Canada? (Dlisted)


Iman Vellani aka Ms Marvel DOES look adorable as the Fug Girls say and this outfit is perfect on her. I love the white turtleneck underneath, the I love the swing of the jacket, and the fit of the pants, and definitely the chunky sneakers. (Go Fug Yourself)

I shower more than the average person but my showers are short, probably around five minutes or so unless I’m washing my hair. So, basically, the same amount of time as James Corden’s showers. His hairwashing schedule, however, is not mine. I don’t wash my hair a lot (maybe two or three times/week) but going two months is… well… I guess his hair is short. But doesn’t it get greasy and smelly? Does a water-only rinse work on hair that short? Like he gets it styled to be on television – there has to be product in it! (Cele|bitchy) 


I’d never heard of this “circle” beard before now and I think it’s the most hideous thing I have ever seen and if you find this attractive, please I want to hear from you because I would love to know what it is about this that gets you going. (OMG Blog)

The Martin Short and Jean Smart Actors on Actors session is a f-cking delight! (Variety)