Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are going to fight – and I’m sure there will be a lot of people who will pay-per-view this sh-t, which means that Floyd and Logan will make a lot of money off it…which… WHYYYY?! Why would anyone want to spend their money like this? They are the only two people who will benefit from this stunt. And if the rationale is that you want to see Floyd beat the sh-t out of Logan, well, this is exactly what Logan wants. (Dlisted) 


This is indeed an interesting pair of pants on Irina Shayk. I don’t think I hate them, at least not on her. Of course that underwear outline, like built into the pattern, is the controversy – and since she’s a model, she can pull it off. For non-models, I think with pants like these, proportions become an issue. On me that section of the pants would look like diapers. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This headline about Kate Middleton made me laugh. It’s about her “unrivaled social media game”, which is how certain media outlets in the UK and Australia are describing her social media activity. Like she’s the most innovative TikTokker. Something tells me the people who come up with this sh-t have never been on TikTok because this would probably get no likes on TikTok if not for the royal connection. Have they actually seen what good “social media game” actually is?! (Cele|bitchy) 


I’ve just spent several minutes watching this birdhouse cam because it’s nesting season and nothing happened, I’m not even sure the birds are even in there but I have no regrets because it’s actually really soothing. (OMG Blog) 

LOL forever and ever and ever and ever. I sent this immediately to Duana because if you’ve been reading this site a long time, Hugh Grant + the Golden Globes + Paddington 2 are three of her favourite things and Paddington 2 is now apparently the best reviewed movie of ALL TIME. (Vanity Fair)