After promoting two films at TIFF this weekend and introducing us to his “girlfriend” Sabrina, Idris Elba was in New York yesterday, photographed outside The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. The Mountain Between Us opens on October 6th. So he’s promoting it beyond the festivals now, trying to generate interest for a film that didn’t seem to generate much interest here in Toronto. Reviews, so far, have been medium. No one loves it. No one hates it. And I feel like both Idris and Kate Winslet have other projects with more potential. Kate’s in Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel, due in December, award season, and that’s what most people are waiting on to see if there might be yet another nomination to her name. For Idris, he has two major releases in November – Thor: Ragnarok which will take over the box office and Molly’s Game which, following its world premiere at TIFF, has now entered the Oscar race as a possibility on the strength of Jessica Chastain’s performance and, also, her chemistry with Idris. (Sarah reviewed Molly’s Game yesterday) He too is now on the long list for a possible Best Supporting Actor nomination. Long list. I wonder though what his presence on the campaign circuit will be though. The last time we talked about Idris and Oscar it was for Beasts Of No Nation and it ended up being one of the biggest snubs of that year. That Best Supporting category is probably where you have to campaign the least. Mark Rylance won a couple of years ago without participating at all in the process. I could see the same happening this year, maybe not with Idris but with Mark Rylance again or Michael Stuhlbarg (Call Me By Your Name) or Sam Rockwell.

But, really, I just wanted to say that he looks great in this white sweater. SO good.