Amy Schumer called up Jennifer Lawrence while she was cooking and they had some judgments to make about white wine – basically that it’s sh-t. I disagree. I don’t drink red wine, it’s too classy for me, I guess. And it doesn’t make me feel good. White wine is better but for me, it’s always rosé. Also Jennifer Lawrence’s chicken recipe sounds really dry. And since I think most food is over-salted, that shallot rice recipe sounds very, very salty to me. (Dlisted) 


What lengths would you go to to get your hair done during lockdown? You’re thinking about some options that come out of a box right now, aren’t you? Well, how about getting in your car and driving across several states to see a stylist? And bringing your kids with you? (Cele|bitchy) 

In 2001, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor were in Cannes for a photo shoot to promote Moulin Rouge!. That’s not actually my exclamation point. The exclamation point is how the film is styled. Which I only just realised. Yes, it’s been almost 20 years. I wonder if there will be a reunion next year. You know what I hate most about Moulin Rogue!? The way people pronounce it. Like “moo-lawn”. Like “Mulan”. “Moulin” rhymes with “vin”, the French word for wine. Sorry, I’ll stop being a crusty f-ck now. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The big celebrity headline today is about Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli pleading guilty for their college admissions f-ckery. It’s the most famous Lori’s been in years. Anyway, these two for months have been fighting the charges and now they’re taking a deal. Is it because they know they probably won’t have to serve that much time during the pandemic?  (Pajiba) 

The Game of Thrones nostalgia continues and The Ringer is ranking the 101 Best Characters Who Died. I feel like the person you think is #1 is not going to be #1. In the game of death though, one family came out on top. (The Ringer)