Jake Gyllenhaal will most likely be in Toronto in a few weeks for the world premiere of Stronger at TIFF. There’s a lot of hype around his performance. He’s already being talked about as a possible contender for a Best Actor Oscar nomination. Not in the first flight, which includes Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis, but definitely on the long list of 10 right now. Obviously these conversations are happening before anyone’s seen the major players. But if Stronger is received well in Toronto, that’s where Jake could start building momentum.

So… will Greta Caruso be with him? She’s with him a LOT. She was with him today in New York at the gym – see attached. She was with him, but super low-key, in Cannes in May when he was there supporting Okja. She was with him for Christmas and New Year’s in St Bart’s. She was with him, and seen quite often at the theatre, when he was on Broadway in Sunday In The Park With George. My point is… SHE is the one who’s with him, like, all the time. And there have been no rumours about Jake and anyone else. Jake and Greta have been friends for many years. Which, I guess, is why people may not have been paying attention. But that’s also an ideal cover, the perfect way to hide in plain sight. At what point can we start calling her his girlfriend?