Jake Gyllenhaal was in a pink shirt yesterday at Roland Garros for the French Open men’s final as Novak Djokovic won his 23rd Grand Slam and became the first man to win all four slams at least three times each. Jake was there with his longtime girlfriend, French model Jeanne Cadieu. They’ve been together about five years now and while they don’t step out in public together too often, it’s less rare of an occurrence than it used to be. 


Jake recently wrapped on the Road House remake which Sarah doesn’t seem too jacked about. That film was expected for next year. He was also working earlier this year on the Apple series Presumed Innocent. Haven’t heard anything about whether or not either of those projects will be affected by the writers’ strike and perhaps, possibly, the actors’ strike, if there ends up being one. 

Also at the French Open – Tom Brady who was seated with Novak’s wife Jelena. Tom was making headlines for another reason this weekend though because Page Six reported that Irina Shayk “threw herself at him” when they were both guests at a billionaire’s wedding a couple of weeks ago. According to their source, Irina “followed him around all weekend” but Tom “wasn’t interested”. 

Irina, however, is taking exception to this story as her rep has issued a statement that Page Six’s story is bullsh-t, “a totally malicious and fictional account”. Which is interesting because when people were trying to rumour that she and Leonardo DiCaprio might be a thing a couple of months ago, I don’t recall her people coming out hard against those rumours. But then again, those rumours didn’t characterise her as some kind of desperado panting after Tom in front of all those celebrities and other rich people. 


That said, it definitely adds to Tom’s single image, if that’s your thing. And with these dude-bros, it’s always their thing for people to believe that they’re so in demand that even supermodels would be thirsting after them like groupies. The intended takeaway here, I guess, is that Tom is such a G that not even Irina Shayk could move him.