Jenna Dewan’s new boyfriend: Steve Kazee

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This past weekend, Jenna Dewan was seen kissing a “mystery man” at the Casamigos Halloween party. It’s not that he was wearing a mask. It’s just that whoever was inside spying couldn’t ID him. If you’ve been online the last few days, you know that the Casamigos party, now an annual celebrity Halloween event, was pretty well-covered. The paps were ready. The celebrities were ready to be seen there. So it’s not like Jenna was hiding or going out of her way to hide the fact that she has a new boyfriend. 

The boyfriend has now been identified. His name is Steve Kazee, he’s 43, he won the Best Actor in a Musical Tony Award for his performance in Once. He used to date Megan Hilty. PEOPLE reports that he and Jenna have been together a couple of months. Here they are together in a group shot with friends. 

As you know, Jenna and Channing Tatum announced their amicable separation in April. Despite a few futile attempts by some low-tier magazines, there really wasn’t any drama there. A couple of weeks ago it was revealed that Channing’s been seeing Jessie J. Now we know that Jenna is clearly not bothered. Coincidence or conspiracy? 

Like, I’m not sure she minds that we know about Steve. Channing’s moving on and she’s moving on too. Into a different lane, at least for love. Channing’s a big movie star, a major player in Hollywood. Steve, meanwhile, is a trained theatre actor who also works often in television. Channing and Jenna were well suited, creatively and professionally, when they first met. Jenna and Steve seem to be well suited in the same way now. Also…he’s pretty attractive. 


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It was his birthday yesterday:


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And might know how to work a thirst-trap: 


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