Jennifer Aniston was out for dinner last night with friends, including Molly McNearney and director Will Speck. As you can see, Jen and her crew seem to have a dinner uniform. Same fade jeans, black blazers and tops, and ankle boots.


Earlier in the day, Jen was photographed after leaving a skincare clinic in Beverly Hills. I really like these sunglasses on her but that’s probably vanity talking because my go-to sunglasses are similar, only hers seem to be slightly gold-tinted and mine are more of a stone finish, and probably way cheaper. I also really like the look of Jennifer Aniston in a hoodie. We don’t see this often, do we? I have many Jennifer Aniston outfits on recall and none of them involve a hoodie. 

Over in New York, Jennifer Lawrence was also photographed running errands, casually dressed in sweats. That’s an…interesting bag, I’m curious to know what the texture is. She’s carrying it here with what looks like a Carhartt jacket which seems like it wasn’t a choice so much as a, whatever, let me just grab anything moment when she was leaving the house. 


The point of this post, however, is that both Jennifers are wearing masks – in Aniston’s case, she’s wearing hers by day and night. And I’m drawing your attention to it because it seems like you can’t go a day these days without hearing about some fools protesting masks, with certain television blowhards actually going on the air to yell about how putting masks on children is like child abuse because they’re unnecessary. 

I’m not saying that doing whatever celebrities do is always necessarily a good thing. But celebrities continuing to go out in masks, even as more and more people are getting vaccinated these days, is not a bad example. Celebrities might be doing it for both safety and privacy, but continuing to normalise it is not a negative. The pandemic is not over. The variants are highly contagious. And it’s still at least going to be a few weeks, if not months, before kids can get the vaccine. So let’s not put away the masks just yet.