Every f-cking three months or so, someone tries to get a Friends reunion headline going. Does it generate that much traffic? I don’t understand why there are still people out there who believe it’s going to happen. 

Jennifer Aniston is currently promoting Murder Mystery, her new movie with Adam Sandler premiering on Netflix this Friday. As Sarah wrote back in April when the trailer first came out, this looks pretty mediocre… but it you watch it as vacation porn, it’ll be perfectly serviceable. Last week, when Jen was on Ellen, she was asked again about Friends and she tossed off a whatever answer about how she’d be into it if it happens – which then resulted in headlines all over the place about a Friends reunion happening. It’s not happening. And she clarified as much last night on the carpet at the premiere, looking about as bored with the question as some of us are about the show. 

Friends is currently available on Netflix. It’s apparently pretty popular on Netflix, finding a new audience among college kids who, I dunno, are exhausted by Peak TV. I get it. Friends is the kind of show you don’t actually have to pay that much attention to when you’re watching it. And you can do that without a reunion. But she – and all the other Friends – are too polite to say, NO, f-ck off, this is a bad idea!

Let’s talk instead about Jen in black leather at the premiere last night. I don’t love how it looks above the waist. There’s something about the way the dress is taking the light, reflecting off the leather, which isn’t a material that adjusts itself to the body, that’s creating weird folds and shapes. But that’s also not the point of the outfit. The point of the outfit is to show off her legs – and her legs do, indeed, look great.