I was at the newsstand at the airport yesterday before my flight home and saw Jennifer Aniston on the cover of some tabloid and the headline was something something about how Angelina Jolie ruined her life. For a minute there I forgot when I was. When, as in is it 2006 or 2022? How are we still doing this? And how is this still making money? 


From gossip studies perspective, it happens to be an interesting comparison to the current endless celebrity triangle making the news this week: Selena Gomez and Justin and Hailey Bieber. People just won’t let it go, even though they’ve all apparently let it go. Are they the Gen Z version of Aniston and Brangelina? 

Back to Jen Aniston – it’s been 17 years since she and Brad Pitt ended their marriage and in that time, she’s had three boyfriends and a husband (that we know of, there may have been people she dated where it never went public). For a while there my Gossip Genie wish for Jen was Jon Hamm never happened and probably will never happen… at least in real life. 

But in fiction? 


As Sarah posted about the other day, Jon has joined the cast of The Morning Show (which I watch too, Sarah!) and yesterday he and Jen were filming in Coney Island and she was seen holding a stuffed toy which says to me that this is a date and if that’s the case, it would seem that I wasn’t the only one who could picture them together.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jon’s character is Paul Marks, a “corporate titan who sets his sights on UBA”. Is this a Jeff Bezos/Murdoch/Elon Musk situation? And Alex Levy is getting romantically entangled with him? That would be… very much on brand with where The Morning Show has been going. Let’s just lean right into the melodrama.