As I wrote when I dedicated a full post to Jennifer Aniston joining Instagram a couple of days ago, it’s not newsworthy when just any celebrity jumps on the platform, but it is newsworthy when a celebrity of her status, who has previously insisted she would resist it, jumps on the platform. And, indeed, it was worth the dedicated post because Jennifer Aniston broke Instagram’s record for fastest account to a million followers in just over five hours, beating out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who set the record earlier this year. Great promotion for The Morning Show, the first series from Apple TV+, launching in a couple of weeks. 

The result speaks for itself but the rollout of Jen’s IG was outstanding strategy on many levels. First of all, obviously, The Morning Show buzz continues to build. But also, leading up to Tuesday, when Jen’s Instagram broke the internet, the headlines about her were kind of controversial. Because in her interview with Variety for the Power of Women issue she said she wasn’t into Marvel and got yelled at on social media for not being into Marvel. 

And then she joined Instagram and took over social media and nobody was mad anymore. Boss f-cking timing, non? It’s the kind of mic drop that makes me horny. 

But that’s not all. Can we go back to her first post? 


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This was the post that f-cked up Instagram and set records – and it’s a low quality shot! That is a FLEX, right there. To be able to do that with a picture that looks like it was taken on a Blackberry in 2010. 

And then, the follow-up, after the Instagram breakage, she had a perfect video ready to go and it happened to be a scene from The Morning Show


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COME ON. It’s GREAT work. If she has a social media manager, give that person all the gold stars. If it’s all Jen, well, see? Like I said, she’s good at this. And evidently she practising. She told Jimmy Kimmel last night that she had a Finastagram going ahead of time to get acquainted with the app. Homework! More work! I LOVE HER RIGHT NOW!

Because it’s allllll about work. Everything Jennifer Aniston for almost two years now has been work ONLY – since her split from Justin Theroux, the narrative has not been Sad Jen but CEO Jen, with zero romantic storytelling. The Aniston brand right now is Work. This is her best era. 

If you missed it, Duana and I kicked off Season 4 of our Show Your Work podcast yesterday with a discussion about the work of Jennifer Aniston and how it’s led to where she is now. Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. One of the things I mention during our discussion is how Jen, despite being the star and EP of Apple TV+’s flagship show, also mentions that she... misses commercials, as in old school conventional network television. And during her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, while talking about how she essentially owned Instagram, also complains about emojis and social media language. It’s like she’s straddling both worlds – and I wonder if that’s deliberate and, ultimately, calculatingly effective.