There’s never a lot of variation in Jennifer Aniston’s style and some would consider this itself a style choice – because she’s established a signature. She doesn’t often wear bold colours, she sticks mostly to neutrals and the same silhouette. Her clothing is like her hair, Jen seldom changes it, and one of the cultural impacts of this consistency is … well… consistency. We all have a fixed image of what Jennifer Aniston looks like, a virtual version of the handprints outside of the Chinese theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. This is how style can immortalise a person and we see it all the time with pop culture icons – we just might not be as conscious of it in Jennifer Aniston’s case because the actual pieces that make up her style are so… accessible? Is that the right word? 


I’m talking about little black dresses. Or long black dresses. Or beige. White on occasion. Wool coats and strappy sandals. A side-part blowout. A middle part blowout. Year after year, from red carpet to talk show to premiere, Jennifer Aniston has rarely strayed from this rotation. And that’s what we’ve seen on the press tour for Murder Mystery 2 so far. 

In Paris she was in a slinky champagne dress. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon it was a black dress, with a gold shoulder handle, but the same shape. Yesterday for the morning show circuit it was beige and as you can see, there’s not a huge style swing here. Even in the shoe choices. These aren’t the same shoe, but they belong in the same family. Curious to see what she wears to the premiere.