For far too long, we underestimated Jennifer Garner’s fame game. There are other Hollywood stars who are media masters but most of them are flashy about their media strategy, few of them are as good at it and, at the same time, as stealthy about it as Jennifer Garner. This is why I started calling her Amazing Amy several years ago. 

Near the end of October, it was revealed that Jennifer Garner was dating businessman John Miller. A few weeks before, it had been reported that she and Ben Affleck had finally finalized their divorce agreement. John had also finalized his divorce, period, around the same time. It now appears that that was a rollout, laying the groundwork for a debut, a step-by-step process: first you let it leak that the divorce is almost official, then you follow up with a leak that you have a new boyfriend. Once the divorce actually becomes official, everything else falls into place. Which is what I noted back on October 25 when we initially became aware that John was in her life. And again last week, in What Else when TMZ reported that a judge had signed off on Jen and Ben Affleck’s divorce and that the two are now single. I’ll be extra annoying now and quote myself: 

It’s done. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are no longer married, no longer estranged, no longer separated. Their status, officially, is divorced. And now that we know that, I wonder if we’ll see her soon with her new boyfriend? That’s her style. She’s that person, someone who observes the etiquette, the technicalities, right down to the paperwork. It’s old school. And it goes over very well with the MiniVan Majority.

Two days later, Jen and John were seen together in LA at Dear Evan Hanson – Pop Sugar has the photos here. They walked in and out separately but they are clearly in the same car together – so another small, measured step, not too much too fast, everything above board and beyond reproach. Because there are some fusty ass old-timers who consider it bad form to be seen to be “moving on” before the everything is legally documented, all the i’s dotted, all the t’s crossed. Jennifer Garner is exactly that precise, that meticulous, that sharp. It’s impressive and it’s been underrated. But maybe not anymore? 

Attached - Jennifer Garner at the Baby2Baby Gala and at church with her kids on the weekend.