Page Six was on this first – they reported late yesterday that Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney were seen at a restaurant recently and she was wearing a “massive ring”. Shortly after, her reps confirmed to Page Six that it’s true, she’s getting married. 

It was also Page Six that broke the news that Jennifer and Cooke were dating back in June. Cooke is an art dealer. They were introduced by her best friend Laura Simpson. They were then seen together on holiday in Paris in August and as I wrote at the time, to me, Paris is serious. It was obvious from the beginning that this would be a major relationship. And here we now, less than a year after they started, there’s going to be a wedding. Soon? 

Jen’s on a break. She announced last year that she’d be taking time off from acting and that might be one of the reasons she and Cooke have been able to get to know each other uninterrupted – she hasn’t had to go pack up and go to work and get into a character. And there are no immediate plans either as her next project hasn’t been announced. She’s still attached to that Elizabeth Holmes movie, to be directed by Adam McKay, which is slated for a 2020 release, which would mean they’d probably want to start shooting soon, but it’s not clear how far along they are in development and whether or not the screenplay is complete. (Speaking of Elizabeth Holmes, though, Duana got me onto The Dropout, a podcast about the Theranos f-cksh-t and it’s so f-cking good, you should check it out if you haven’t already.) Right now, the only commitment on the books would be promotion for X-Men: Dark Phoenix due out in June. That movie was supposed to come out in November, then February, now June. Sarah last year called it a “lame duck movie”; curious to see if Jennifer goes through the contractual motions of pushing it and disappears afterwards as soon as she can. If her schedule remains as open in 2019 as it was in 2018, it might not be a long engagement. 

Will this be the first in a batch? You know how in a group of friends it often seems like major life events happen in a movement, on the same timetable? People in the same circle get married within a couple of years of each other. Then they have children within a couple of years of each other. Back in September I posted about Jennifer’s friendship with Emma Stone and their connection to Taylor Swift, after Jennifer and Taylor were both at the premiere of The Favourite supporting Emma and also Joe Alwyn. Jennifer is now engaged. Emma and Dave McCary have taken their relationship public. Taylor’s in the most significant relationship of her life. They’re all around the same age (Jennifer’s actually younger than Taylor). So if it happens in batches, who’s next?