There are many ways to go “official” now. It used to be just “red carpet official”. “Instagram official” is now a thing. And there are different levels of “Instagram official” – you can go “official” on an Instagram story but when it shows up on your feed, well, then it’s locked. 

What do you call it though when it’s neither “red carpet official” nor “Instagram official”? This is where we find Emma Stone and Dave McCary. They were courtside at the Laker game last week which was the first time they were “official” in public together. And last night Dave was with Emma at the SAGs, skipping the carpet photos but seated side by side at her table. They also agreed to be photographed together, but not alone. Bradley Cooper rounded out the group:


By Emma’s standards, considering it’s not her thing to be up and down on red carpets holding hands with her boyfriend, this is about as “official” as it gets. And some think that there could be a professional angle too. You’ll recall, Emma and Dave were at the Laker game last Friday, January 18th, one day before Rachel Brosnahan hosted SNL. The reason this is notable is because, if you know SNL, it’s hard to get a day off to go to a basketball game 24 hours before the show goes live, whether you’re a performer or a writer or a director. Dave may no longer be working with SNL anymore or his SNL commitments are reduced. Which means he’s in LA, like so many other SNL alumni, working on his own sh-t. He directed his first film, Brigsby Bear, in 2017. Naturally he’d want to continue with features. Being in LA, making connections, developing relationships, writing with former colleagues, meeting new people at award shows – that’s part of the industry hustle. Not that this isn’t a legit relationship, not that he and Emma don’t legitimately care for each other. Of course it is and of course they do. But, as we’ve seen with so many Hollywood partnerships, the “partner” part of it can be both personal and professional. See Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Duana and I just did an entire episode about this on Show Your Work.

As for her outfit… 

I feel like I would have been more excited about this in 2015. It’s a great outfit, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that she’s done it before, or elements of it before. We’ve seen Emma often in pants. And we’ve seen her before with a neck bow, most memorably here:


I’m not mad at it. And even though I’m not as excited as I would have been before, it’s not boring. Emma’s a nominee this year. She knows she’s not winning. She’s not blowing her load when she doesn’t have to, although I’d love if we could dial the special factor up just a few degrees for the BAFTAs and the Oscars?