Jennifer Lawrence was photographed for the first time yesterday since marrying Cooke Maroney last month. They were seen at MOMA in New York exactly a month after their wedding. Everyone’s been trying to eyeball her wedding band. I’m still curious about her wedding dress which we’ve yet to see, just like we’ve yet to get a good look at Zoe Kravitz’s wedding dress. Will we ever see either? 

I feel like if, and it’s a big if, we were to see Jennifer’s, it wouldn’t be until she steps back into the spotlight for promotion and even then it wouldn’t be necessary because she’s stayed out of the scene for so long, the fact that she’d be back on the circuit would almost be enough. I know I say this all the time but she’s one of those stars who when they say they want to go low key for a while, they mean it. She’s not showing up on every red carpet, at every party, at the club. She isn’t worried about being forgotten, not worried about not mattering anymore. And because of that, when she does choose to get back out there, the hype will be that much bigger. 

But what will her name be? Jennifer said that she’d be changing her name when she got married. She said a few months ago on Catt Sadler’s podcast that she would become a Maroney. She meant legally but I wonder if she’d do it professionally. It doesn’t happen that often but that’s just my segue to bring up the next:

Remember when Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, they wanted her to go by “Kate”? It didn’t stick, nobody called her Kate Holmes (just like nobody calls Kate Middleton “Catherine” except for the royals) but it’s a piece of nostalgia that makes me laugh, the absurdity of that golden era in gossip. 

As for Jennifer and what’s next – it was announced back in the summer that she would star in and produce Mob Girl, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning non-fiction book by Teresa Carpenter about Arlyne Brockman, a gangster girlfriend who ended up narc-ing on the mob. Jennifer will play the title role in the film and I’m looking forward to this one, not just because she’s in it but because the screenplay was written by Angelina Burnett who’s worked on The Americans and Hannibal and who has been a principle voice advocating on behalf of writers as a board member of the Writers Guild of America in the dispute with the talent agencies. I’ve heard Angelina contributing as a guest on Ira Madison III’s Keep It podcast and she’s smart and insightful and funny and ambitious and fair and it’s so great that the industry spotlight has expanded in this way so that our interest in certain projects is not limited to the boldface names in front of the camera but to the people who actually write stories without whom the stories couldn’t be told. 

There’s been no information yet on when Mob Girl will go into production but if they start soon and they can turn it around in 2020 in time for the festivals, it could be the kind of film that could be a factor in several categories for award season.