The two big names, at least for a certain demographic, leading Adam McKay’s cast for Don’t Look Up are Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio. And I feel like, up to this point, if two of the actors from the cast were to be involved in a kissing scene, their names would probably come up first. If you’re Jennifer Lawrence though, would you want to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio or would you prefer Timothee Chalamet? If I’m JLaw, I’m going with Timmy, which is who she got. 


Here they are on set the other day shooting a kiss scene among skateboarders. Is it a party? What are they celebrating? Is this towards the end of the story? Don’t Look Up is expected to be released on Netflix some time this year. Given the cast, and that it’s Adam McKay, probably they’re planning it for festival season in the fall and a late year run, along with an award season campaign. 

In other Timmy news, he was in a Super Bowl commercial playing a role that… well…he’s perfect for. Like perfect. Edgar Scissorhands, the son of Edward and Winona Ryder. Who was also in the ad: 



Man, never mind how much the air time cost, how much did they have to pay for the rights to turn the original story and adapt an update into a commercial…PLUS the actor fees?! 

Speaking of money, how about Winona Ryder going two for two in Super Bowl ads? Last year she starred in a spot for Squarespace. This year she’s back for Cadillac. And next year? I feel like we need to make this a tradition. Get your money, Winona!

One more Winona and Timmy connection – she played Jo March 25 years ago, and he played Laurie last year. The 90s Jo March became Laurie’s mom.