The mother! gala at the Venice Film Festival happened last night. Darren Aronofsky, Jennifer Lawrence, and Domhnall Gleeson are in London tonight for the premiere. Javier Bardem, as you saw earlier, stayed back in Venice for Loving Pablo. And Michelle Pfeiffer, who was glorious on the carpet in Venice, well, it doesn’t look like she made the trip…which is disappointing. Because God it would be so great to see Michelle Pfeiffer make an award season run. And also because I’m not feeling Jennifer Lawrence’s red carpets so far, although tonight is definitely an improvement on last night.

Last night in Venice, that gauzy tank top over a ball gown dress, next to Michelle’s sophisticated glamour, it seemed as if Jennifer was a novice at this kind of thing – which she clearly isn’t. She does love a bathing suit dress though, and I’m not sure why, because nothing says little girl’s first fancy dress than a bathing suit dress. There’s really nothing fashion about it.

Tonight is certainly an improvement on design. I can’t say it’s my favourite look, with all the roping and webbing intended to reveal and tease as much of her body as possible. But that’s just personal taste. Body-con is not my jam. That said, it’s undeniable – she looks banging here, even though I think it might be wasted on Darren Aronofsky. Joanna ships these two. Me? I don’t get it.