Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, (finally) issued a state lockdown yesterday to stop the spread of COVID-19. The order comes into effect tonight. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been self-isolating with their children in Miami. We know this because they keep showing us on Instagram. 

But yesterday they went to the gym. The gym was closed so they were able to get it opened for them and work out on their own but their security was seen wiping everything down and, technically, again, this is their last shot at it since it’s all locking down at midnight. 

It’s interesting to me that they like GOING to the gym. You know there’s enough space for gym equipment where they live but they still like the routine of leaving their home and working out in a different setting – or maybe he’s promoting this particular chain of gyms, that’s always a possibility, sure. Still, I can relate to the “going to the gym” thing, which is something I’d never thought I’d say because I hate working out. And I especially hate working out outside. I hate running outside. I want to run on a treadmill. Also I would rather work out in a class than by myself. Like an Orange Theory class. I used to go on the weekends to Orange Theory. Didn’t enjoy it but their system works for me. I prefer being told what to do, when to do it, and I appreciate being able to see on the screen how hard I’m working even though I might not be running as fast as the person next to me. 

Some people can self-motivate at home and right now we’re all going to have to, at least for weeks. And I’m getting there with Hayley’s programs but sh-t, exercise was already challenging and now it’s even more of a stretch. 

PS. Apparently people are playing baseball at a park near my neighbourhood. Baseball is exercise but, um, is it physical distancing? Sorry. This is not a conversation about whether or not you should narc on people but if you have thoughts on that, please share.